The Top 13 Happy Hours around Downtown Denver

I absolutely love a good happy hour. It really is the best time of day — and Denver offers so many good options. I can usually be found somewhere downtown for happy hour at least a couple of times a week, so I guess you could call me knowledgable on the topic. Here are my top downtown/LoDo favorites, which I will keep updating as places open or close. I’ve tried to provide any info I have for post-COVID statuses without changing this list — as I hope all these places will have happy hour soon — but eventually I will be permanently changing this list. Please contact me if you know any additional details on this.

1. Jax Fish House

1539 17th St

I’ve been a regular at Jax for almost 8 years now. The vibe here is just cool and the bartenders are always friendly, so it’s the perfect neighborhood spot. If I’m not checking out a new spot downtown, I’ll usually post up at the bar at Jax and order a refreshing Cucumber Lemon Press and some oysters. They have $1.50 oysters during happy hour, which is the cheapest oysters you’ll find around town — and that matters when you love oysters as much as I do.

Hours: 4-6pm every day and all night Monday

The deals: $1 off drafts, $5 well cocktails, $6 select cocktails, $7 house wines and sake and featured cocktail, $1.50 oysters, $3-10 bites, $20 seafood platters.

Post-COVID update: While they have re-opened for dine-in post-COVID, I don’t think they’re doing happy hour yet.

2. Blue Sushi Sake Grill

1616 16th St Mall

Blue Sushi was one of my absolute favorite happy hour places since it first opened in downtown Denver a few years ago. It’s pretty hard to beat their prices and extensiveness of the menu, especially for sushi. A must-try is the Itchy Salmon (baked salmon, spicy crab, serrano, cilantro, ponzu). Plus, it’s a really cool vibe in the sake bomber’s lounge — complete with fish tank, neon lights, retro Japanese ads, etc.

Hours: formerly daily, now Sunday only

The deals: a reduced version of their previously-extensive happy hour

Post-COVID update: They just re-opened for dine-in, but are now only doing happy hour only on Sundays (all day), and with a reduced happy hour menu from what it previously was.

3. Corridor 44

1433 Larimer St

Honestly, Corridor 44 became a favorite of mine post-COVID. I’m sure it was always fantastic (and I have many friends who are regulars here), but I really became a regular, because it’s one of the few places doing such a great happy hour for dine-in right now. Many places are understandably not doing HH still — but this place sure is! And you can’t beat $5 champagne cocktails and $2 oysters (and these oysters are those delicious little briny ones that everyone loves).

Hours: M-F 3-6pm

The deals: $5 champagne cocktails, $2 oysters, $9 cheeseburger, $12 ahi tuna poke, $11 meat+cheese charcuterie plate, and more. Plus, glasses of house bubbly are always just $6.

Post-COVID update: The best dine-in happy hour I’ve found so far!

4. Panzano

909 17th St

I love the happy hour at Panzano for several reasons: it’s every day, it starts at 2:30pm, and they have a wide selection of both food and drinks. You can easily have a full early dinner here at happy hour prices. This menu has changed a lot over time, but there’s been a delicious constant: Cavolini di Bruxelles (fried brussels sprouts, apple cider reduction, pistachios, rosemary salt, sliced green apple). Not that you can really go wrong with any of the Italian-style plates.

Hours: Daily 2:30-6pm

The deals: $5 drafts, $6 select wines, $7 specialty cocktails, and a wide range of small plates.

Post-COVID update: Panzano is not open yet for dine-in.

5. Citizen Rail

1899 16th St Mall

Like Panzano, Citizen Rail is also owned by Kimpton Hotels — so they also have a daily happy hour that starts at 2:30pm and features a good selection of food and drinks. Some standouts the last time I was here included their charcuterie board (which includes a delicious paté), as well as the enormous juicy mussels.

Hours: Daily 2:30-6pm

The deals: $4 select beers, $5 select wines, $7 select cocktails and spirit combos, $5-$10 bar bites.

Post-COVID update: Citizen Rail is not open yet for dine-in.

6. Pig & Sprout

1900 Chestnut Pl

Pig & Sprout has the feel of a great neighborhood spot, and it probably has the cheapest well drinks around town at $4. Plus they have these “pig chips” on happy hour — which are basically fried crispy pork rinds that are amazing with beer or cocktails.

Hours: M-F 3-6pm, daily 11pm-close

The deals: Half off select draft beers, $4 well cocktails, discounted wine, and select bites.

Post-COVID update: Not sure if they’re doing happy hour post-COVID yet.

stoic and genuine happy hour oysters and wine

7. Stoic & Genuine

1701 Wynkoop St

Stoic & Genuine has a beautiful location with a patio right at the front of Union Station. Plus, their happy hour starts earlier than everyone else’s at 2pm — and includes delicious $2 oysters and $5 wines and vodka cocktails. It’s normally a very pricy restaurant, so arriving for happy hour is a must here.

Hours: Sun-Fri 2-6pm

The deals: $2 oysters, $5 select wines and granita vodka cocktails, $3.50 Ultica Club beer, $6-11 bites.

Post-COVID update: Stoic & Genuine has re-opened, and rumor on their instagram is that they’ll be re-starting happy hour on Monday, June 22nd.

8. ChoLon / LeRoux

1555 Blake St & 1510 16th St Mall

ChoLon has been a long-time staple of downtown Denver — and recently opened its French sister restaurant LeRoux next door. One of the things that hasn’t changed about ChoLon since it was a James Beard Finalist for best new restaurant in America in 2011 — is its famous dish of French Onion Soup Dumplings (available during happy hour). The full soup version is available at LeRoux, among a variety of other delicious French bites.

Hours: daily 4pm-6pm, 8pm-9pm

The deals: $4 select beer, $6 select wines, $7 select cocktails, $8 specialty cocktails, $6-$8 small bites.

Post-COVID update: Last I heard, just the ChoLon patio was open 5-5:30pm and 6:45-7:15pm. I’m not sure what’s up with happy hour or LeRoux.

9. Uchi

2500 Lawrence St

Uchi is probably my favorite sushi place in Denver, but it’s normally very pricy. So it’s a good thing they have a happy hour (which will now start at 4pm). Uchi is maybe slightly out of downtown and closer to RiNo, but I had to include it on the list because of how good the sushi here is (its original location was opened in Austin by James Beard Award winner Chef Tyson Cole).

Hours: daily 4-6pm (and you have to get there right at the start if you want a spot)

The deals: $4 sake, $4 kirin beers, $7 wines, $9 punch, $6-$8 bites

Post-COVID update: Uchi opens for dine-in on Wednesday, June 10th (but only with reservations, and happy hour will be 4-6pm now daily

10. La Loma

1801 Broadway

La Loma has been in Denver for over 40 years, and its food tastes just as homey and delicious now, as it did when it first opened. Originally, La Loma was in the Jefferson Park / Highland neighborhood — but recently it moved to downtown (right across from The Brown Palace). The margaritas are of course a must, as are the $5 mini rellenos (which come with their famous green chili).

Hours: M-F 3-6pm

The deals: $7 house margaritas, $4 Pacificos, $5 well drinks, $7-$8 select wines. $4-$8 bites.

Post-COVID update: the dining room is open at a limited capacity Sun-Thu 11am-9pm and Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. Their website still lists a happy hour, so I’m inclined to believe it’s still a thing, but you might want to call and ask.

11. STK

1550 Market St

STK is a fun steakhouse with Miami vibes right on Market Street of the Mall Ride. You can always count on a good variety of both meat and seafood items here, as well as quality cocktails. Also, they have daily happy hour post-COVID right now — and who else can say that?!

Hours: Daily 2:30-6:30pm, Sunday all day

The deals: Half off specialty cocktails, $2-$8 bites (including $2 oysters)

Post-COVID update: Yes they are open, and yes they have daily happy hour (which  I know thanks to the huge sign above the door).

12. Guard & Grace

1801 California St

Guard & Grace is probably my favorite steakhouse in Denver (and local to our wonderful city) — but it’s definitely a pricy establishment. If you’re looking for that more upscale vibe on the financial district side of downtown though, this is it. They don’t have a very extensive food selection during happy hour, but they do have some great drinks. If you feel like splurging, the $20 Oak Fired Octopus appetizer has always been one of my favorite dishes here — and my favorite octopus dish in Denver (but it’s not on happy hour).

Hours: M-F 3-6pm

The deals: $4 bubbly, $3.50-5 beers, $7 wines, $6-$8 specialty cocktails, $3 oyster+shrimp cocktails, $7 soft pretzel with cheese, $8 charcuterie plate or spinach/artichoke dip, $11 burgers.

Post-COVID update: I don’t think Guard & Grace has re-opened yet in Denver.

13. Coohills

1400 Wewatta St

Coohills makes some of the best French-inspired food in town, and it definitely has my favorite crab cake in town (it’s gluten-free and held together by a fish mousse that preserves that seafood flavor). They also have great wine options, make the meat for their charcuterie in house, and source some great cheese options. I’m not quite positive what’s going on with happy hour food options currently — but otherwise, be prepared for this to get a little pricy.

Hours: Tue-Sat 4pm-6pm, closed Sun/Mon

The deals: $8 wines and specialty cocktails, but I’m not sure about food post-COVID.

Post-COVID update: Coohills has re-opened Tue-Sat, and is indeed doing a happy hour according to their website.