The Top 13 Places for Brunch Around Denver

I like to tell people that aren’t from Denver that on Sundays, people here are religiously devoted to one of 3 things: church, football, or brunch. I definitely fall into the last 2 categories — so it’s a delicate juggle between my 49ers and my mimosas in the Fall. Having been all over town for that sacred weekend meal, I want to share my top 13 favorites with you all!

1. Lucile’s Creole Cafe

South Denver, Littleton, Boulder, Ft. Collins

There’s really no brunch like a Creole brunch, and Lucile’s is proof of that. Lucile’s has been around for over 30 years, and it shows. The classic Southern and Creole plates have been perfected. Yes, it’s one of those places that always has a line out the door — but it’s also one of the few places where the wait is 100% worth it, so just order yourself a delicious Bloody Mary and hang out.

Pro tip: If you’re there with just one friend, keep checking the bar for first-come openings.

Must try: The beignets (they’re fluffier than in NoLa). The enormous, flaky buttermilk biscuits — if they don’t come with your plate (add sausage gravy, of course). For a main plate, the Eggs Rockefeller — and for a lunch main, the Crawfish Étouffée.

Location: Lucile’s has 2 locations in Denver — as well as locations in Littleton, Boulder, Longmont, and Fort Collins.

  • Main Location: 275 South Logan St., Denver, CO 80209
  • East Evans Location: 2095 S Ogden St, Denver, CO 80210

2. Sassafras American Eatery

Cap Hill, Highlands, Golden

Sassafras is another Cajun/Creole-style brunch place in Denver. I admit, I have a bias towards Louisiana food — but their brunch is definitely more flavorful than typical American brunch! Sassafras is much newer than Lucile’s, but they already have a reputation for their delicious food, fantastic cocktails, and house-made ingredients like jams and infusions. The drinks here are definitely a step above, so go for a flight if you can!

Pro tip: Come early, as there will be a line. Or keep checking the bar for first-come seating if you’re just with a +1.

Must try: The Bloody Mary flight, Mimosa flight, or any of the cocktails. The beignets (they’re fluffier than in NoLa). The Chicken Fried Eggs and Buffalo Hash. The Cajun Benedict.

Location: Sassafras has 2 locations in Denver — as well as one in Golden.

  • Cap Hill Location: 320 E. Colfax, Denver CO 80203
  • Highlands Location: 3927 W 32nd Ave, Denver CO 80212

Briar Common has quickly become my post-COVID go-to. It offers the perfect range of brunch dishes and drinks to satisfy any palate. Plus, they have a beautiful rooftop patio overlooking Jefferson Park, bottomless mimosas, and their own delicious beers. Some food standouts include: the Chicken & Waffles, the Monte Cristo, the Steak & Eggs, the Fried Chicken Sandwich, and the Briar Burger. There are also lighter options like salads, ahi tuna poke, and their famous buffalo cauliflower. All their food is really amazing here: good quality meat, perfectly crispy fried chicken, fluffy waffles, tender pork belly and runny egg inside that burger, etc. And don’t forget that this is a brewery, so you can try some unique house beers.

Pro tip: There are $16 bottomless mimosas, but not on Stadium event days. Expect a different kind of crowd and limited options during Broncos games!

Must try: Some of their beer (like the watermelon wheat in the summer) — and any of the dishes mentioned above. You really can’t go wrong here!

Location: 2298 Clay St, Denver, CO 80211

D Bar was originally a dessert bar on 17th Street, and that’s what they’re really known for — so if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is definitely your spot. They have great savory options, as well — and the best part is that they almost never have a line for brunch! It’s also a beautiful, brightly-lit, trendy space (which is why D Bar also makes it on my list of date night favorites).

Must try: The Nutella-filled beignets (it’s heaven melting in your mouth). Any of their Waffle options (like Bananas & Bourbon or a seasonally-changing Chicken & Waffles).

Location: 494 E 19th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

5. Steuben’s

Uptown, Arvada

Steuben’s is essentially what happens when a classic, old-school diner meets modern hipster brunch mania — in the best and worst sense of the idea. I say “worst” only because there’s always a line out the door for brunch and the drinks aren’t cheap. I also say “best” because the food is pretty delicious and it’s a fun retro atmosphere. The famous dish to try is the gravy cheese fries, which is exactly what it sounds like: an enormous plate of fries topped with gravy and perfectly melted that you’ll need a fork to eat (pictured).

Pro tip: Show up right before they open to avoid the brunch line. It’s not a breakfast place, so that shouldn’t be until 9am or so (if not later).

Must try: Gravy Cheese Fries, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Cast Iron French Toast

Location: The original location is in Uptown, and that’s the one I recommend, having never been to the Arvada one.

  • Uptown Location: 523 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80203
  • Arvada Location: 7355 Ralston Rd, Arvada, CO 80002

6. Woodie Fisher

Union Station

It’s hard to beat Woodie Fisher in terms of atmosphere. The refurbished historic fire station has been beautifully decorated in a retro-modern feel. With large garage doors and a glass ceiling, it’s always bright and full of light. And the olive tree in the middle of the room adds a great outdoors-while-indoors feel. Woodie Fisher is relatively new, so to be honest, I haven’t had a chance to try most of their brunch dishes — but so far, so good! The Alaskan King Crab Benedict is fantastic, and I’ll definitely be coming back to try the creative-sounding Lavender French Toast, Crispy Chicken Thigh with biscuits and gravy, and Brunch Fried Rice with Longganisa sausage.

Must try: Alaskan King Crab Benedict

Location: 1999 Chestnut Pl #100, Denver, CO 80202

7. Onefold

City Park West

Onefold is really known for their fried rice — or more accurately, for frying everything for the fried rice in duck fat. And you can’t go wrong with duck fat. The current breakfast rice includes: 2 duck-fat fried eggs, Tender Belly bacon (maple or habanero), garlic, green onions, tamari soy sauce, and chili oil. For lunch, you can get actual duck in your fried rice — and minus the eggs. Also available for breakfast is a traditional Asian dish: Congee — a rice porridge cooked in chicken stock, served with duck confit, poached egg, green onions, tamari soy sauce, salted ginger, and chili oil.

I also love that they fresh-squeeze their OJ, have whole coconuts (amazing for hangovers), and offer a delicious bone broth drink (made from turkey and chicken bones, star anise, ginger, onion).

Must try: The fried rice, of course. And the Congee.

Location: 1139, 1420 E 18th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

8. Denver Biscuit Co.

S. Broadway, E. Coflax, Highland, Stapleton

The breakfast sandwiches at Denver Biscuit Co are absolutely incomparable (and rightfully famous). The biscuits here are always perfectly soft and fluffy — and there are even options between two slices of biscuit french toast. The middle can include any combination of sausage patties, buttermilk-fried chicken, bacon, gravy, runny egg, apple butter, maple syrup, and a multitude of other amazing ingredients. These bad boys have been known to stand half a foot tall.

Must try: The Dahlia (with sausage patties), The Franklin (with fried chicken)

Location: There are now several locations all around Denver where you can have these amazing piles of goodness (or order delivery):

  • S Broadway Location: 141 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209
  • E Colfax Location: 3237 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
  • Highland Location: 4275 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212
  • Stapleton Location: Stanley Marketplace, 2501 Dallas St, Aurora, CO 80010

9. Sam’s No. 3

Downtown, Glendale, Aurora

Sam’s No. 3 is that classic, down-to-earth diner that’s been around forever and fills you with a sense of nostalgia — and also huge plates of breakfast food. The menu is almost ridiculously extensive and offers an eclectic combination of American diner classics, as well as Greek and Mexican dishes.

Pro tip: Plan to go home and take a long nap after eating here.

Must try: One of the breakfast burritos. There’s an entire page of these to choose from, they’re absolutely enormous, and they’re smothered in green chile and cheese. If you’re not from Colorado, green chile in itself is an absolute must-try around here.

Location: Currently, there are three Sam’s locations around Denver. The downtown location also boasts a feature on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

  • Downtown Location: 1500 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80202
  • Glendale Location: 435 S Cherry St, Glendale, CO 80246
  • Aurora Location: 2580 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014

10. Sarto’s

Jefferson Park

Sarto’s is another one of my go-to’s for when there seem to be endless lines of hipsters waiting to be seated for brunch at all the typical spots. There’s never a line here, the service is always prompt, and atmosphere is bright and airy. Of all the dishes, I’d have to say my favorite is the Steak & Eggs (worded as the “Bistecca & Eggs” on the menu) — with grilled sirloin, sunny up eggs, lashed house steak sauce, and aioli. Sarto’s also has bottomless mimosas for $18 — which are basically them bringing bottles of prosecco to your table with a side of orange juice and peach purée (for bellinis) until you say stop.

Must try: Steak & Eggs

Location: 2900 W 25th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

“Contemporary Pan-Latin seafood, small plates, cocktails & more in a trendy setting with a patio” — that’s the way Señor Bear describes itself, and I can’t sum it up any better. This is a great place to escape traditional breakfast food and instead opt for flavorful Latin options such as Chivo Guisado (with beer-braised goat), Chilaquiles, Mofongo, Sausage Hash with mole negro, and Churros. There are, of course, more familiar options like the BLT, Fried Chicken & Slaw, Chicken & Grits, and Cuban Burger.

The drink menu is also way more interesting than other brunch spots: bottomless Aperol Spritzes for $21, pink frozen cocktails for $9 (or with a shot of Código Rosa Tequila for $15), caipirinhas, sangria, micheladas, and more.

Location: 3301 Tejon St, Denver, CO 80211

12. Snooze, an A.M. Eatery

Locations all over

I almost didn’t include Snooze on this list, but then I know people would ask me why. I honestly think the food here is just “typical” breakfast food, the lines are always ridiculously long, and I don’t really get what all the hype is about. However, Snooze remains a go-to brunch option for hipsters, suburbanites, and tourists all over Colorado (and beyond) — and I suppose it’s a dependable option for breakfast classics like pancakes and omelettes. I’ve gotten delivery from here many times when I’ve woken up craving a traditional, no-frills breakfast dish. Their website makes it super easy to order delivery, and you know what you’re getting.

Pro tip: The line at any Snooze location is loooooong. Send a sacrificial lamb in advance.

Location: There’s a Snooze everywhere, and not just Colorado. Outside of just Denver locations (below), there’s on in Fort Collins, Lone Tree, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and two in Westminster.

  • Union Station Location: 1701 Wynkoop St Suite 150, Denver, CO 80202
  • Ballpark Location: 2262 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205 (a little homeless around here)
  • Colorado Blvd Location: 700 N. Colorado Blvd Suite A, Denver, CO 80206
  • Tech Center Location: 5073 S. Syracuse Street, Denver, CO 80237

13. Santo


Yes, I know this one is in Boulder — not Denver — but it deserves a spot on this list. New Mexican cuisine has to get a mention on any brunch list in Colorado. After all, it’s been a long-standing debate about who has better green chile: Colorado, or the home of New Mexico Chile Verde. You may not find the answer here, but you’ll certainly find some delicious bites smothered with all sorts of decadent goodness.

Also: margaritas!

Must try: Chicken chilaquiles, lamb benedict, beef lengua hash (beef tongue hash).

Location: 1265 Alpine Ave, Boulder, CO 80304