Stoic & Genuine: The Perfect Spot for Some Sunshine & Seafood at Union Station

I have to be honest. It took me a little while to warm up to the new Stoic & Genuine seafood restaurant at Union Station downtown. At first glance, it seemed a little too expensive and fancy for Denver. And who hasn't made fun of this new hipster trend of naming restaurants "____ & ____"? There's even a Hipster Business Name Generator where you can get your own (like Parsley & Sea, for example). Let's be honest: 99% of the population probably can't even tell you what "stoic" means.

But then I found myself repeatedly ending up at S&G on the weekends. They have this great little patio with a perfect view of all the hustle and bustle outside Union Station — and on a hot day, what sounds better than a cold bottle of white wine and some oysters under one of those umbrellas? It's not like Jax is open for lunch anymore. So that's how I found myself at Stoic & Genuine over and over, until I realized that I kind of love this place. The location is perfect, the food and wine are delicious, and the people are incredibly friendly and genuine (see what I did there?). And it's actually not that expensive if you know what to order.

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