Osaka Ramen Starts Serving Bowls of Deliciousness in RiNo

Anyone who's been following them on social media has been awaiting the opening of the new Osaka Ramen in RiNo for some time now. You may have heard of chef-restaurateur Jeff Osaka from Twelve — an amazing restaurant that was once located on Larimer Street, between 22nd and Park Ave (and where Butcher's Bistro is now). Personally, I was very sad when it closed, but I'm happy that Chef Osaka now has another restaurant (and I can't wait for the return of Twelve).

Osaka Ramen is a really cute underground space in the middle of the quickly-growing neighborhood on Walnut & 26th — with a casual atmosphere and fun, playful artwork (such as the mural of Godzilla trudging through Tokyo). And it smells like delicious ramen :)

Osaka Ramen inside

And if you sit at the counter, you might just see Chef Osaka overseeing the kitchen (and the huge pots of ramen).

Osaka Ramen chef osaka...
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