Bite of the Week: Maine Mussels at The Kitchen

As someone who works in LoDo, I have visited pretty much every restaurant in the area for lunch. And one of my favorite lunch options in downtown/LoDo is the mussels dish at The Kitchen.

The "Maine Mussels" (garlic, fresno chili, thyme, grilled bread) are listed as a "starter," but I think they're enough for a full meal. At $16, they're a little pricy, but so worth it. I'm pretty sure there might be an entire stick of butter in that broth, and I so don't care. I'd dip my face in that broth and drink it. Plus these are some of the biggest, juiciest mussels I've found in Denver. I think the only other dish that comes close is the Panang curry mussels at Jax — but unfortunately Jax isn't open for lunch. The mussels are on the happy hour menu there, though, so come 4pm — pop on over there!

And if you're looking for a good white wine, my personal favorite at The Kitchen is the Rebholtz Pinot Blanc (Pfalz, Germany), although the $50 price tag isn't small. For a great deal on wine, an alternate location would be Stoic & Genuine right down the street, which currently has a $28 bottle of Pinot Gris from Willamette (and I've yet to have a bad Pinot Gris from Oregon).

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