Best Sunday Patio & HH Food in Uptown: Humboldt

Humboldt Farm, Fish & Wine is one of my top 2 or 3 favorite places to go on a Sunday or for happy hour — or BOTH! Since Sunday is perfect for patio lounging (just look at that patio up above) and also $1-Oyster-Day at Humboldt (more about that later) — and happy hour starts at 3pm — it's pretty much the best of all words on a Sunday afternoon at Humboldt. I'm sure the brunch is also delicious, but I just love the HH menu here too much.

$1 Oyster Sundays

Yes, you heard that right. They're $1! That's cheaper than anywhere else in the area (Jax does $1.50 for happy hour, but they don't even open until dinner). And these aren't just their happy hour oysters. ALL the oysters must go. So premium oysters are all $1. That's pretty much my definition of best deal ever.

Humboldt oyster Sunday

Just note: it's only while they last, so if you show up after me on a Sunday, sorry! (Yes, I'll down 4 dozen of these easy. Don't judge.)

Humboldt oysters ...
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